About Me

Ultralight_Ultralight_IMG_1166For the sake of opening up, I felt it was important to separate the part where I share who I am and why I’m doing this from the Purpose section.

As someone who’s only lived roughly twenty-three years on this earth, I’ve realized (as many of you already have) that the world is a very unforgiving, close-minded, and scary place. People don’t think twice before resorting to “cancel culture,” dismissing other people’s opinions, or abruptly closing out difficult conversations. Debates turn into wars, friendships are easier to lose, and everyone has become so stuck in their ways that they don’t want to accept what isn’t easy for them.

Now, for those of you who actual know the writer behind the screen, you know that I’ll always own up to the fact that I’ve made mistakes in the past, but I’ve grown from them. I’m not the same atheistic, close-minded, “emo,” kid I once was. After studying theology at Central Texas College, and exploring more depths of society that isn’t just a concoction of what’s on social media, I’ve become more omnistic and open-minded than ever.

So, I started this blog to create an environment where people can go to anonymously and without judgment because that’s what I’ve always wanted for myself. After years and years of talking to brick walls, and giving out advice that people only dismiss, this blog will be something no one can take away from me. It’ll be a place where my advice is permanently published, and while I might not always be politically correct, I do hope that I’ll be taken more seriously.

Ultralight_IMG_2807.JPGTo back up my reasoning and my advice, I obtained a bachelors degree in Psychology and English Writing from the University of Colorado – Denver with distinction in 2020. Primarily because I refuse to speak with out the acceptable credentials. While I’m not much of a people-person, writing has always been one of my favorite outlets, and I want to use it in any way I can. AllBee There For You might be my third blog, but right now, it’s the one with the greatest purpose because it’s not just an outlet for my book or my reviews, it’s an outlet for everyone.

So, without further ado, my name is Danielle AllBee, I’m the oldest of four kids, I’m twenty-three-years-old, and I was born on August 18th in Heidelberg, Germany. Then, after living there for six years, I moved to Texas and stayed there for another thirteen (which came with a lot of ups-and-downs). Finally, in 2016, we decided to ride on my moms coattails up to Colorado Springs, where I finished my Associates in general studies and decided to further my education. Now, I am pursing not one, but two bachelors degrees at CUDenver and still reside in Colorado, three years later. Then, after a long engagement, I got married in May of 2019 to the love of my life, and now we are the parents of three cats, two dogs, and a rabbit.

Since we’ve lived in Colorado, I’ve encountered my fair share of mental highs and lows. My anxiety increased while adjusting to the city population change, I couldn’t drive, and I wasn’t successful in the friend, or the job interview department. I wasn’t very social when we came up here, and avoided any confrontation towards the possibility of new interactions. Needless to say, moving felt like a big mistake.

Now, I’ve found people who are a joy to be around. I surround myself with positivity, and I try to leave my house alone at least once or twice a month. For me, the world is still scary and social media doesn’t help, but I have to learn how to do things on my own sometimes – which is why I’m here writing to all of you.

With my lack of professional experience, I’m going to lay out all of my personal experiences on the table. I’m going to elaborate more on my mental health characteristics, and my lowest lows such as:

  • body dysmorphia
  • anxiety
  • adult attention deficit disorder (ADD)
  • dermatillomania (skin-picking)
  • failed relationships
  • how I got to be in my current relationship
  • borderline OCD (I say borderline b/c I haven’t been diagnosed)
  • coulrophobia (fear of clowns)
  • thalassophobia (fear of what’s under the water)
  • taphophobia (fear of being buried alive)
  • overactive imagination (pros and cons)
  • family issues
  • lack of communication
  • detachment disorder
  • life experiences
  • moving

Now, that’s just some of what I bring to the table, but I’m sure as we go along, I’ll think of more. So, if you’re having difficulty with any of those, then don’t be afraid to reach out to me – my emails are always open.


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