Chronophobia is the fear of time passing. It’s that feeling you get when you feel as though there isn’t enough time for what you want to accomplish.

As someone who lives with chronophobia, it’s overwhelming when I have so many hobbies. I have so many that there’s not enough time during the day to pursue all of them. I spend hours painting, but I also want to read or write. I can spend 12+ hours on a puzzle, but I also want to take more photos and edit them for my bookstagram. There just isn’t enough time.

Day after day, night after night, my bookshelves all taunt me and my blogs are in the back of my mind (I have four). It might seem like a time management issue, but I promise it’s not. With school in session until December, I also have a full class schedule on my plate along with trying to include my hobbies.

I feel as though I’ll never read every book on my wishlist, I’ll never finish all of my puzzles, and I’ll never finish listening to all of my records. They’re unnecessary daily anxieties, but I love my hobbies, and I love the fact that I’m never really bored, but some days I just want to sleep or play video games. Those days though, those are the days I feel like I’m wasting time doing things that I love. Sitting in front of a TV and taking a day off, only makes it worse, but I know it’s necessary. I know everyone needs a rest day, but my brain doesn’t understand that concept.

Now, this is actually my first time really looking up the term for this fear. I’ve never thought to put a definitive word to it until now, but if I’m going to talk about phobias, I need to know all about them.


2 thoughts on “Chronophobia

  1. Ita

    Are you a fast-thinker? That might be the root cause of this feeling. I’m slow. And I think it actually makes time feel like it’s going slowly which can help get rid of the feeling that there’s not enough time.

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