Dear Reader,

Hello! Welcome to your new safe space!

The purpose of this blog is to provide advice for anyone who asks for it. Now, the idea behind this is that it’ll be a mix of DearAbby-like posts – where you can ask questions anonymously through my business email, and I’ll post general advice as well. Ultimately, this is going to be psychology-based and I want to provide a safe space on the internet for anyone who needs it.

While I know I might be getting a little over-my-head with this entire concept considering I’m only in my late twenties, I’ve often found that people still like to have an ear to vent to – regardless of who it is. Over the years, I’ve realized that writing actually helps, but being able to vent to somebody is unmatched. The personal connection is what’s important, so I’m here to say that I’m here for you. I’m here for anybody who needs someone to listen, and while I don’t expect anything in return, I only ask that my business email should remain a safe space as well.

To keep up with me, starting off, I’m going to publish a post every Wednesday until I get the swing of things and make it a point to post twice a week (more likely Mondays and Wednesdays). So, if I don’t get to you that week, I’ll get to you the following week, and if I don’t have emails, then I’ll write on general issues that’ve come up in my personal life too. Like I said, the point is to provide a safe space, and to reach out to anyone who needs an ear to vent to.

If you’d like to start filling my inbox, start the email off with “Dear AllBee” and continue on from there! (Also, I will not advise something that I don’t have enough knowledge on, so I’ll reply back to you accordingly. However, if I’m publishing the advice, then I’ll give you the scheduled release date.)


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