How To Deal W Anticipated Stress

Hi, everyone! Welcome to the first official post of AllBee There For You! This week we’re focusing on how to deal with anticipated stress and what to do when you find yourself overthinking. With school coming up and a few life changes, it’s hard not to get discouraged, but it’s important to try and quit overthinking while you’re ahead.

For me, school starts on August 19th and I’m going to be taking on three psychology classes and a writing-intensive history class. Now, with the writing alone, it just feels a tad bit overwhelming. First, I took on two blogs that I’m going to dedicate my time to as much as I can. Then, I have to help get my littlest sister to school while having a night-shift sleep schedule. Lastly, I also have to find a way to make time to include my chores, responsibilities, and more importantly time for my husband and myself.

The way I handle this is to start to get organized. Personally, I like to have a calendar in every space possible. As an online student, it’s important to keep track of deadlines and to stay on top of the reading and the writing that’s involved, but it’s even more important to try and not get overwhelmed with it all. I’ve been going to school completely online since August 2014, and I’m still not the perfect student whatsoever, but I do think I have some sort of grasp on things.

If you ever find yourself overwhelmed or as though you just can’t get a handle on things, just make a to-do list. Every Sunday (or Monday), when the week refreshes, write down what you need to do on a whiteboard, your phone, a post-it, or write one on all of the above! Just do whatever works for you and come up with a game plan. For your schedule, I’d advise picking up the following:

  • a white/chalk board
  • dry-erase markers or chalk
  • tons of colored pens, pencils, and markers
  • a bullet journal or a planner
  • post-its
  • highlighters
  • stickers
  • basically any writing utensil you want and anything you can write on!

However, if it’s not the scheduling you’re worried about, and just the general idea of the situation is just too much for you, this is where the fun comes in. As of right now, I have a little less than two weeks until school starts, but am I going to sit around dreading that day? No, definitely not. Instead, I’m filling my free time with my hobbies, I’m spending time with my husband, and I’m trying my best to not let my mind wander to the stress that is school. If you find yourself wandering to that place of uncertainty, just do whatever will help your mind turn off of it.


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